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We needed a stand-in for lighting cu
War Porn
Nero Monologues - Lyre Solo!
Nero Monologues 8
Nero Monologues - Nero and His Soul
Galt - Firestorm!
Galt - Pre-concert talk
Galt - Industry
Galt - d'Anconia's Theme
Galt - Ensemble Bow
Galt - Mia Solo
Galt - Cosmos
Galt - Intro
GALT Poster
Talking about Galt on Miami TV - 1
Talking Galt with Mia on Miami TV
Wynwood Gallery Galt Promo Concert 1
Wynwood Gallery Galt Promo Concert 2
Galt Teaser Ad
Argimon & Junco at Wynwood promo
Galt promo concert poster
Wynwood Gallery Promo Concert 2
Wynwood Gallery Galt Promo Concert 3
Wynwood Gallery Galt Promo Concert 4
Whitman Songs at Smeltzer Concert
HMI String Quartet performing Shant
April 1st 2015 Concert poster.jpg
Chat at Ensemble Ibis 2014 concert
Resounduo percussion for MAB
HMI Quartet 2014 concert poster
Lunar Ensemble and friends
Moca Cleveland Orch promo poster
PEN Woodwind Trio, commissioners
Ensemble Ibis and Composers
Ensemble Ibis - me on vibraphone
Friedrichs, Brunet, Corbliss: Dumas
Lunar Ensemble concert flyer
Mancini Quartet Recording Shant
Cleveland Orch Chamber Ensemble
Galt - Ensemble Bow 2

Link to Elena Nezhdanova virtual piano masterclass/interview.

Link to "The Music Room Sessions," pianist Danny Brian's remote recital portal. 

Link to The Nero Monologues opera promo trailer.

Link to event and ticket info for GALT, at New World Symphony.

Link to Miami Piano Circle.

Link to Cleveland Orchestra blog entry about Apollonian Echo.

Link to the Lunar Ensemble's listing for their recent concert in Miami, on which they played Schumann Resonances 

Link to the PEN woodwind trio's news page.

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